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  • Hex Head Cap Screw

    Cap screws are threaded fasteners designed to screw into metal, with heads that stick up above the surface. Threaded along its entire length and possessing a chamfered point, cap screws can be driven into a hole and secured without a nut.

    Commonly employed in numerous mechanical assembly applications, National Bolt & Nut offers a wide selection of cap screws to meet your particular project needs.

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  • Request Custom Screws

    With the ability to tap" their own mating threads, tapping screws are ideal for applications where you do not have rear access to install a nut or you are unable to tap a hole. National Bolt & Nut offers a large assortment of both pan head crossed recessed tapping screws and hex washer head tapping screws.

    Designed for steel applications, our line of tapping screws feature thread forming locking threads and possess a clear zinc finish. However, additional finish options are also available upon request. Our tapping screws may also be constructed from a variety materials, depending on your application requirements.

    Click on a product listing below or contact our company for more information about our premium line of tapping screws. You may also use our handy information request form to inquire after further details."

  • Hex Socket Head Cap Screws

    Socket screws feature a number of different head types and sizes, and are fastened using a hex head socket wrench matching the slot size. National Bolt & Nut Corporation’s selection of socket screws includes flat head and button head configurations when a low-profile appearance is desired, as well as longer socket heads for when fastener visibility is more important. We also carry headless socket set screws, and rotating socket head shoulder screws constructed from alloy steel.

    All of our socket screw products, from flat heads to set screws, meet ANSI B18.3 size specifications. We offer a number of options for fine or coarse threads, as well as plain or custom finishes. In addition, we can source and manufacture from other materials upon customer request. Drill down for thread sizing options, and contact National Bolt with any further questions on our socket screw inventory.

  • washers--12-8125

    As an integral part of our full line of fastener products, and critical to any building or structural application, National Bolt & Nut Corporation’s selection of washers is available to meet your industrial requirements. Important due to their ability to both spread load distribution and prevent fastener slippage, washer selection should be carried out with as much care as any other component. Our washer options include flat, helical spring lock, structural, and beveled washers. In addition, we offer metric and standard options, as well as washers meeting either USS or SAE standards.

    Our standard washers are typically constructed from hardened alloy steel, with the exception of beveled washers, which are produced with medium carbon steel. However, other material selections are available based upon your application. We also feature washers meeting ASTM and DIN standards, and can aid in product selection. Contact us for more information.

  • Dowel Pins

    Offering an extensive inventory of premium rods, rivets, and pins, National Bolt & Nut Corporation is pleased to serve your fastener needs. Our rods, rivets, and pins are suitable for temporary or permanent applications, with varying styles and fastening mechanisms. Product selections include dowel pins, cotter pins, threaded rods, and rivets. Our threaded rods possess the highest fastening strength in this product family, suitable for mechanical, automotive, and other applications.

    Dowel pins, cotter pins, and rivets are better-suited when temporary fastening is the only requirement. Cotter pins, or split pins, feature a butterfly-type design, with an extended prong for easier separation. When ultra-precise alignment of fastened components is a priority, dowel pins are the right choice, and are typically used in furniture and hanging applications. All of our rods, rivets, and pins are available in varying sizes, materials, and finishes, and conform to ANSI B18.8.2 specifications. For more information, please contact us today.