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  • washers--12-8125
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    Serving a wide array of industries from marine and mining to construction and electronics, our custom fasteners can be used for a broad variety of applications, including boilers, bridges, hydraulics, and machine tools. Offering the capability to work with a large number of materials up to four inches in diameter, such as nylon, plastics, brass and stainless steel, we can heat treat our custom fasteners to match our customer's unique requirements.

    Offering a large variety of fastener, thread, bolt and screw head types, we can manufacture numerous styles of our custom fasteners based upon client specifications. And, we can also manufacture our products to numerous custom grades.

    Providing multiple finishing options ranging from nickel, brass, and zinc plated to chrome, color coated, and galvanized, our fasteners can be built to meet either English, British or metric standards.we invite you to contact National Bolt & Nut to learn more about our premium customizable fasteners.

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    With the ability to produce a variety of nut types, including, but not limited to, conical, coupling, finished hex, and serrated hex flange, National Nut & Bolt can manufacture our custom nuts to meet our client's particular requirements. And, we can heat treat our quality products to match your hardening specifications. Employing a range of material options such as plastics, nylon, silicone bronze, and inconel, our custom nuts can be built to either English, British or metric standards.

    Meeting high industry standards, our custom nuts have happily served the needs of multiple industries, including marine, mining, food processing and transportation. And, we offer a variety of finishing options, ranging from Teflon and phosphate to brass, silver and nickel plated.

    Built to be used for a broad assortment of diverse applications such as jewelry, construction machinery, bridges, and impellers, we invite you to contact our company today to learn more about our high-quality custom nuts.

  • Request Custom Bolts

    National Bolt & Nut Corporation offers a full selection of bolts and nuts, stocked and selected to meet all your fastening needs. Our bolts and nuts are available in a number of configurations, with various options for every attribute, from thread size to surface finish. A wide range of material grades, head types, thicknesses, and measurement standards are available as well, and we can assist in choosing the correct bolt and/or nut for your job requirement. Options are available for permanent or temporary fastening applications, as well as bolt head types from flat to dome.

  • Request Custom Screws

    With a full line of screws, sockets, washers, pins, and rods, National Bolt & Nut Corporation has all of your fastening needs covered. With selections including tapping screws, cap screws, and rivets, our products keep your projects secured, all components attached, and all safety measures covered. We feature screws, sockets, washers, pins, and rods to cover every building and industrial need, from load distribution to thread forming. Just a few of the options available include coarse or fine threading, zinc and other material finishes, and a full range of sizes. For more information on our screws, sockets, washers, pins, and rods, click through to each product line.