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  • Metric flat washers are placed under the head of the bolt or nut. These washers distribute pressure evenly between the fastened components while the nut is being tightened. This distribution of stress helps prevent the nut from loosening.
  • Our line of metric flat washers is built to meet DIN 125 dimensional specifications.
  • Other materials and finishes available. For further information, call or send an information request.
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Custom N/A Custom N/A Custom
pn-12367 N/A M6 N/A Plain
pn-12368 N/A M8 N/A Plain
pn-12369 N/A M10 N/A Plain
pn-12370 N/A M12 N/A Plain
pn-12371 N/A M16 N/A Plain
pn-12372 N/A M20 N/A Plain
pn-12373 N/A M24 N/A Plain
pn-12374 N/A M30 N/A Plain
pn-12375 N/A M36 N/A Plain
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